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Panel Mount Cables

ECF-style RJ45 Panel-mount Cables

Model:Panel Mount Ethernet Extension Cable
Specification:Panel Mount Ethernet Extension Cable
Performance:Panel Mount Ethernet Extension Cable
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Product Details

Panel Mount Ethernet - RJ45 Male to RJ45 Female Cable
Panel-Mount Ethernet RJ45 Cat5e Extension Cable

Panel Mount Ethernet Extension Cable

Flanged Panel Mounted RJ45 Coupler cable
ECF-style RJ45 Panel-mount Cables   
RJ45 Coupler, Female to Male,  Panel-mount  

This handy Ethernet extension cable will make it easy for you to enclose a device that has an Ethernet port. It's extra short (5cm between connectors), so perfect for mounting your Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, Arduino etc. into a box!

The jack half has two mounting 'ears' with M3 screws installed, 27.5mm apart (center to center). The ears are flexible so the holes don't have to be drilled very precisely.


Specially Manufactured for ModMyPi for use with the Raspberry Pi & Other Microcontrollers
Length between connectors: 10cm
Colour: Black
RJ45 Male to Panel Mount RJ45 Female
Patch Cable
M3 Mounting Ears (Two M3 x 6mm Screws Included)

Mounting Ears Centre to Centre Distance ~ 27.5mm

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