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Optidrive E3 RJ45 Accessories

Model:Optidrive E3 RJ45 Accessories
Specification:Optidrive E3 RJ45 Accessories
Performance:Optidrive E3 RJ45 Accessories
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RJ45 Splitter Adapter 1 to 2 Dual Female Port 

RS485 3 Way Data Cable Splitter RJ45 
Optidrive E3 RJ45 Accessories
RS485 data cable splitter for use with Invertek E3 and E2 Series Drives. Converts one RJ45 connection to two RJ45 connections and allows multiple drives to be connected in a "daisy-chain" configuration.

Use in conjuntion with either Invertek Profibus (up to 8 drives), Devicenet (up to 4 drives) or Ethernet (up to 4 drives) gateway.

RS485 Data Cables with RJ45 terminations also available in 0.5m, 1m and 3m lengths. See linked products below.


OPT-J45SP-IN Cable Splitter RJ45
OPT-2-RJHUB-IN RJ45 8 Way Network Hub
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