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Audio Cables

Phono Cable RCA TO RCA Tonearm Cable

Model:Phono (RCA) Stereo Cable
Specification:RCA Tonearm Cable
Performance:RCA NF/ Phono Turntable Cable
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Product Details
Phono Cable RCA TO RCA Tonearm Cable  
Phono Cable RCA / RCA with Ground  

RCA Phono Cable with earth wire  
Phono (RCA) Stereo Audio Cable male to male stereo phono RCA cable with ground wire

Phono cable with RCA/RCA + ground termination 母头

RCA NF/ Phono Turntable Cable earth ground lead Gold-Plated 

RCA cable for vinyl decks incorporating a ground conductor. The connectors of the latter are in the form of forks for an easy connection and an optimal contact on terminals. The Pangea Premier SE offers high performance thanks to a careful design but also with the integration of the ground conductor to connect between the vinyl turntable and the integrated preamplifier / amplifier. The special feature of this ground conductor is that it is directly integrated into the shield of the interconnecting cable for extremely low noise.

To ensure optimum conductivity, the brand uses extremely pure Copper Cardas and OFC conductors as well as gold-plated connectors. Each cable consists of several conductors of different sections with a PE dielectric layer and a double braided aluminium and OFC copper foil shielding for real noise attenuation and transparent reproduction.

RCA Phono Cable w/ground wire

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