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Right Angle XLR Male to XLR Female Cable

Model:Right Angle Microphone Cable
Specification:Right Angle XLR Cable
Performance:Right Angle XLR
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Product Details
Right Angle XLR Male to XLR Female Cable
Low profile XLR male to Low profile XLR female cable  

3pin XLR Male Right Angle To 3pin XLR Female Right Angle

3-Pin XLR Female Low-Profile To 3-Pin XLR Male Low-Profile Cable

Right Angle Cable XLR male female
Right Angle Microphone Cable

Remote Audio Low-Profile XLR3F to Low-Profile XLR3M Balanced Coiled Jumper Cable is an audio interconnect cable designed to provide reliable connectivity for audio engineers, field recordists, and boom operators in ENG, EFP, video production, and broadcast. The balanced cabling minimizes noise such as EMI and RFI and the coiled design allows length extension without the bulk of loose cable loops.

Each connector utilizes a low-profile design with side-exit cabling for ideal installation in space-limited areas. Both connectors are XLR 3-pin jacks, one female and one male, ideal for single-channel configurations.

Coiled cable allows length extension
Balanced cabling minimizes noise and RFI

Side-exit cable design for safe connection where space is limited

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