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Hirose 4-pin to DC Locking Power Cable

Model:Hirose 4-pin to DC Locking
Specification:Hirose 4-pin
Performance:locking DC connector
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Product Details

Hirose 4 pin male to 5.5*2.1mm locking DC connector cable  

Hirose 4-pin to DC Locking Coax Power Cable

DC Power Cable with 4-pin Hirose Locking Coaxial Plug


Length: 24”
Connectors: Hirose 4-pin to RA Locking coaxial
5.5 mm barrel diameter
2.1 mm internal diameter

Recorder Zoom F8 Power Cable for Sound Devices 688/644/633 DC2.5 to Hirose 4pin;
Plug A: Hirose 4 pin male connector;
Plug B: DC2.5 connector, with srew LOCK;
Cable: hihg flexible sping cable 40-200cm;
Application: For Recorder Zoom F8 / Sound Devices 688;
Feature: cable length can be custom made for different request.

Hirose to single right angle Locking DC Powering Cablefor Lectrosonics SRc/SRb/SRa receivers with SREXT/SRBATTSLED, SMBATELIM and LRBATELIM powered by Battery Bud or other powering devices with 4-pin Hirose connections.


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