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Hirose HR HR25A-7R-8SA HR25A Series, Micro 8 Pole Straight Cable

Model:Hirose HR25A-7R-8SA HR25A Series
Specification:Hirose HR25A-7R-8SA HR25A Series
Performance:Hirose HR25A-7R-8SA HR25A Series
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Product Details

Flexible Camera Power Hirose Cable with 12pin Female Connector for Machine Vision System



HIROSE Connector: HR10A-10P-12S Female To Open


Camera Power cable leads 0.75 meters with HIROSE 12 Pin female connector,or I/O cable for CCD camera/CMOS Camera.

This cable assembly can be connected to all 12 Pin CCD Camera and to all 12 Pin Female Side Cable any wiring.The open side can be soldered with Power adaptor, also can be used as I/O cable 


The HIROSE Connector can choose as: 4 Pin,6 Pin,10 Pin,12 Pin ect.

The cable length can be customized,the Contact connector can be OEM with male or female, over-molded straight type or R/A Right Angled
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